What you can see with a telescope:

     even with our small model shows excellent view of earth's only satellite Moons surface filled with craters with amazing detail. Saturn with its encircling ring system Saturn, four Galilean satellites of Jupiter with its cloud belts, phases of Venus, the red disc of Mars all are  within its reach. As the size of the telescope increases resolving power is increased & you start seeing more and more details in all objects, besides beginning to see new and fainter objects of the sky like galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, gas clouds etc. The larger the telescope, the more deep into space can it probe. It may be noted at this point that howsoever big a telescope may be, all stars are seen as bright points only, albeit much brighter than as seen by an unaided eye and indeed countless stars invisible to the naked eye, become visible to the bright eye of a telescope. On land objects too, you will find the telescope an extremely interesting gadget for getting close up views of distant landscape. You can even use it as a powerful Tele photo lens with your c.c.d. or filmstrip camera


















What you see through telescope